by Philip.Faith

"And it came to pass that when men had multiplied on the face of the earth and that daughters were born of them. The sons of the divine race found them beautiful and chose wives freely among the daughters of men. The Almighty said: "My spirit will not reside in men for a long time, because it to becomes flesh. Their days will be reduced to a hundred and twenty years. "The Nephilim appeared on earth at this time, and also since the sons of God mingled with the daughters of men and that children were born of them"(genesis 6:2 adapted translation from Hebrew)

This is one of the most obscure and less talked about passages of the ancient testament. We will try to understand why. Most of the literature regarding chapter 6 was cut off, so we will find most of the related information in the apocryphal writings.

The word NEPHILIM comes from the Hebrew verb NOPHEL which means falling. NEPHILIM means the fallen ones, note that there is a more complete meaning that is retroactive; NEPHILIM means the fallen ones who caused the world to fall. There is a double motion.

There has been a lot of dispute around the right translation of the Hebrew words "BENE ELOQUIM"

BENE ELOQUIM means literally SONS OF GO.D; logically these words are talking about angels. Some scholars argued and agreed that BENE ELOQUIM means JUDGES in the sense that judges had divine intuition therefore they could not be corrupted by the daughters of men. This is a non Kabbalistic interpretation, we will not consider it for now and we will agree that BENE ELOQUIM means ANGELS.

So angels at one point of history had sexual intercourse with humans.
Heretic some may say. The fact remains that this is a very strong concept in all the world s religions.

There are two points of view concerning that episode,
1-some angels willingly rebelled against the creator, then came on earth etc. There is only one problem with that theory Angels have no FREE will.

2-In Jewish oral tradition we learn that GO.D appointed some angels (the watchers) to monitor the wellbeing of us humans here on earth. Having taken human form, once on earth they fell in the trap of their new flesh, listening to their earthly desires, they copulated. Their children corrupted the earth and brought the flood onto them.

This union was of unnatural nature and it surely had dire consequences;
Lets look at genesis 6;12 " All flesh had perverse ways" .How can an animal have perverse ways ?

The answer is that the NEPHILIM introduced zoophilia on earth; and broke down the natural order of things.
"The viper would mingle with the lion, and the vulture with the dog, and man with nephilim, nephilim with animals etc.....They also drank each other blood .

Some accounts have been written about the NEPHILIM, for instance a midrash of genesis Rabbah says that on a wedding night ,a nephilim would appear in front of the newly wed, possess the man than kill him ,than he would possess(sexually) the bride, kill her too, drink their blood and vanish.
Other sources states that they would feed on live camels and horses.

A Talmudic scholar asks: "How can a angel, which is pure white fire penetrate a woman without burning her from the inside? His master answered: They took human shape that’s how they were able to copulate. In fact it was those bodies who entrapped them so that they couldn’t resist earthly desires.

The NEPHILIM offspring four different races;
THE ANNAKIM (they would weigh chains until earth’s core could not support them.)
THE REPHAIM (Your heart will melt in their presence)
THE ZAMZOUMIM (Achievers, Their necks would obscure the sun.)
THE EMMIM (Terrifying ones)
THE GIBBORIM (The strong ones, the giants, the ancient heroes)
The babies were born with a normal size, and then they would grow wildly till their giant state. (Their femoral bone would measure eighteen meters.)
If the father was an angel, we would have a first generation giant, the biggest in size,
If the father is a giant then the child is smaller. And so on .It would explain the small size, for a giant, of GOLIATH (we will come back to him later.)

The NEPHILIM were punished in the time of ENOCH before NOAH, their offspring, the GIBBORIM etc., were punished by the flood. The initial daughters of men who sinned with the angels were turned into sirens; their scaly fishlike bodies would not let them have sexual intercourse while, their upper body, still like a woman, would submit them to eternal lust without any possible relief.

In the ETHIOPIAN BOOK of Enoch( Enoch was the straight descendent of Seth son of Adam, he lived at a time of great corruption and was granted the chance to visit the seven heavens, after his mystical journey, he condemned the nephilim. Enoch is the only man who was made into an angel, without knowing death,
Before his transformation, he recounted his visions as well as his visit to heaven to his son who compiled it into a book.)

The scenario takes place on the summit of mount HERMON.
SHEMEHAZA debates with two hundred angels whether they should go to fornicate with the daughters of men. They bind one another with curses and they carry their evil plan.
The two leaders of the initial fallen angels, are AZAZEL and SHEMEHAZA.
Those angels taught humans how to create fire, astrology, the paths of the moon ,makeup, sexual deviance as well as magic and sorcery.

In the HEBREW BOOK of ENOCH, (In the time of the ten martyrs, under roman persecutions, the prince of the face which is ENOCH in his angelic form, escorts the soul of RABBI ISMAEL and instructs him of, how, from ENOCH the man, he became the prince of the face, the holiest angel; METATRON.) In the Ethiopian book, the narrator is ENOCH, in the Hebrew version (probably written 3000 years latter.) The narrator is METATRON remembering when he was ENOCH.

The episode of the NEPHILIM is also present; but the fallen angels are limited to UZA, AZA, and AZAEL.

They taught men how to enslave the sun, the moon, the stars to make them worship manmade idols, the goal of the angels was to create a complete universe, that was revolving around the earth in competition with the one revolving around GOD.
We find strong similarities in the hermetic book ASCLEPIUS (a book originally Egyptian about ways to give life to man made statues.) also attributed to the NEPHILIM.
Another name associated with the leader of the fallen angels is MASTEMA, (the Zadokite fragments and the Dead Sea scrolls.) He appears in the book of JUBILEES, he negotiates with god so that a tenth of the evil ones should remain on earth to torture mankind and GOD agrees.

According to other sources the leader of the NEPHILIM was HELEL.

"So the earth complained about the lawless ones"
Then came the flood, everything was killed, especially the giants etc. Their bodies were indeed destroyed, but their spirits remain on earth, today, we call them evil spirits.
So NOAH and his family as well as the animals in the ark were the only survivors after the flood?
If we go to the book of JOSHUA (which is long after the flood), we learn that his army killed the last of the REPHAIM in the land of OG.
In the book of KINGS, David fights GOLIATH, a giant REPHAIM. Weren’t all the giants destroyed in the flood?
Unfortunately no.

Before the flood, SEMEHAZA had a son AHIJAH who had a son called OG.
OG had intercourse with CHAM"s (Noah’s son) wife. She went onto the ark already pregnant. Tradition has it that when came the flood, she gave him a rope that was attached to the Ark. climbed his way onto the roof of the ark where he spent forty days and forty nights. So OG was rescued with NOAH and his family.
It was OG who gave NOAH the seed of grape so that he could make wine.
Some sources say that it was ASHMEDAI or CHIMADON who gave NOAH the grape.
Wine and alcohol appeared after the flood, they were unknown to man until that day.
OG as well as his children was the constructors of the tower of Babel.
Finally, in NUMBERS 21:33 OG is killed in the ankle by MOSES.
GOLIATH was a descendent of OG, so where the giants described by Joshua’s spy’s.

We now understand how the unholy race of giants survived passed the flood, there is still a very important element: AZAZEL the original NEPHILIM would not accept his fate, he carved his teachings on a upright monolith as well as on a rock melted on the ground.
If one would be destroyed during the flood then the other one would survive, and he and his teachings will remain forever.

After drinking wine, NOAH got drunk, he got naked in his tent, CHAM, his son followed him, and according to one tradition, he castrated him. According to another tradition, he engaged in sexual intercourse with his father.
In both cases CHAM's goal was to make sure he wouldn’t get any new brothers to share Noah’s fortune after he would die. When NOAH woke up from his drunkenness, he realized what his son had done to him, he cursed him, and he expelled him.

So CHAM left his brothers with his wife and his sons, lets not forget that his wife was impregnated by a NEPHILIM prior to the flood. It was also through that son that the race of giants perpetrated. After a tormented journey in the wilderness, CHAM came across the remaining rock on which AZAZEL had carved his teachings.
In angeology it is generally agreed that AZAZEL and AZAEL are the same angel.
CHAM then engaged in studying AZAZEL's teachings, until he reached high levels of comprehension as well as magical powers. Some sources say that, by uttering the names on the rock, CHAM brought AZAZEL back on earthly grounds and that he had the angel himself as a teacher. The grandson of CHAM being MIZRAIM (founder of Egypt), we understand that the Egyptians were masters in the black arts, Egypt is also called "the black earth”, in Arabic it translates; AL-KIMYA that expression became ALCHEMY. Just to say that there is a strong link between ALCHEMY and NEPHILIM.

AZAZEL is mentioned in the book of genesis, Leviticus, Targum the zohar as well as in numerous medieval kabbalistic and magical writtings. AZAZEL means God strengthens in Hebrew. (AZAEL means the same).
In genesis ABRAHAM makes an offering in which he symmetrically cuts animals in two halves, one for GOD and one for AZAZEL. In his true form AZAZEL has seven heads, fourteen faces and twelve wings.
In the ZOHAR he is represented by the ''rider on the serpent", he is also the chief of the BENE ELIM.
He is the scapegoat and the bringer of sins on earth AZAZEL now resides in a particular cave, in Ethiopia, he moves on in the skin of men and he plays a very important role in today’s politics and economy...

Here is a list of the teachings of the NEPHILIM;
SARIEL taught the paths of the moon.
SEMEHAZA taught enchantments and the art of cutting roots.
KOKAVIEL taught cosmogony, the science of constellations.
BARAQIEL taught astrology.
ARMAROS taught men how to resolve enchantments.
GADREEL taught the art of war.
SHAMSHIEL taught the signs of the sun.
AZAZEL taught men how to make shields, breastplates, to devise ornaments,
Coloring tinctures for the beautifying of women. (Only to name a few.)

Man has always been fascinated by the NEPHILIM, for example, in the fifteenth century, the CARDINAL BISHOP OF TUSCULUM in his tabulations, calculates the NEPHILIM population to be 133,306,668.
According to THE APOCALYPSE of BARUCH a different cause for the fall of angels is proposed;
The physical nature of man which not only became a danger to his own soul, but resulted in the fall of the angels

In MIDRASH PETIRAT MOSHE, which contains a dialogue between God and the soul of Moses,"The angels OUZA and AZAEL came down from heaven and were corrupted by cohabiting with the daughters of men, as for MOSES he, a mortal was never corrupted."

It would be impossible not to make a parallel between the NEPHILIM and the OLYMPIANS.
How can the Greeks who were so mathematical, logic, believe that there were giants living on Mount Olympus, ruling mankind? "The titans were giants who corrupted the earth, their sons, the Gods, made war against them until ZEUS destroyed them, only a few were spared.

It is possible that the Greeks had direct contacts with Og's descendants and mistook them for Gods when in fact they were only GIBBORIM or REPHAIM. The Greeks excelled in disciplines generally attributed to the NEPHILIM;

Mathematics is the key to the universe, the celestial language since Hebrew is numerical (A is ALEPH in Hebrew and ALPHA in Greek). PLATO is said to have had a Daemon tutor. The art of Sculpting is linked with the creation of idols and Greeks were also able to give speech to statues and oracles. The Greek version of the diluvian episode exists, instead of NOAH, we have DEUCALION. Lets not forget that in Jewish tradition the founder of Greece is YAPHET (Greek IAPETOS) brother of SEM and CHAM sons of NOAH.

We find another parallel between the NEPHILIM and the legend of PROMETHEUS.
PROMETHEUS stole the holy fire and, gave it to men. As a punishment he was enchained to a rock where a bird constantly devoured his liver, HERACLES later frees him.
In Greek mythology, There are numerous heroes that are born from gods-humans unions.
So the NEPHILIM definitely had their impact on Greek culture.

Mesopotamia, circa 4000bc:
"The strangers came, and they were not like us. Something else, but wearing the skins of men, the eyes of men, their hands. We took to collecting the sound of them in our flesh. We learned the names, the ancient names of these strangers...Our bodies begin to pulsate to a subliminal rhythm and we feel the imminence of contained energy, soon to be released. We dilate our throats to the air and resonate the ancient names. We convoke the NEPHILIM, so they come to us, strangers in the skin of men..."
This is an archeological testimony of scribes living in SUMER 4000 years BC

It is interesting to find the word NEPHILIM in its Hebrew form.

The Sumerians believed that the creators, the ANNUKAKI, as a result of early genetic engineering, created men to their own image. Those beings inhabited a planet NIBIRU who was revolving on a different orbit; this planet would be in sight (To earth) every 3600 years. (We can’t neglect the similarities between theANNUKAKI, the NEPHILIM and the ever-present extra terrestrial concept.)

In Aztec mythology, QUATZELCOATL fell from heaven, and by doing so, he created the primordial chaos, here too we have NEPHILIM related concept.

In Persian mythology, the WATCHERS are called IRIN

In Moslem theology, the JINN were created 2000 years before Adam. They were originally of a high estate, equal to angels. EBLIS was their chief. When, on the creation of Adam, EBLIS refused to worship the clay made creature, EBLIS was degraded And cast out of heaven along with the JINN, who thenceforth became demonic. EBLIS has five sons.

The INCUBI and the SUCCUBI are corporeal angels who let themselves fall into the sin of lewdness with women.

All to say that the NEPHILIM concept is present in all the worlds religions and man has always had strong fascination for those strange creatures. From religious to atheous, From present to past, the NEPHILIM were of great help and inspiration (not always) to mankind. Even personas like MERLIN, NAPOLEON, EISTEIN, HITLER just to name a few were suspected to have NEPHILIM origins. Unfortunately it is to vast of a subject to explore in an article, all the books existing on the subject are still not enough, too much was lost...

I will finish this article by stating the ZOHAR;
"After the great mix-up(a Zoharic expression meaning sexual mix of different orders e.g. angels with humans)their leader resides on earth, moving around in the skin of men, through his disciples, he controls the modern world until the messianic age.