RISE OF THE FALLEN : Nest of ten (2009)
A conceptual double album exploring the ten unholy emanations offspringed by the biblical Cain, father of all demonic beings. A distinctive record combining orchestral cinematic sound textures, razor blade guitars and corrosive techno elements, this album is Included on the second CD are unique remixes by Oneiroid Psychosis, Decoded Feedback,Adam Kult as well as a guest performance by Edward Ka-spel.Release date:Spring 2009
>32 paths of wisdom.mp3
RISE OF THE FALLEN: Bloodline E.P (2006)
A prelude to the nest of ten album.This record includes 11 tracks...Exploring dark electo soundscapes weaved with powerful vocals and muscular guitars.Featuring a cover of Killing Joke's "Sun Goes Down" as well as the exclusive Adam remix of Succubus .
succubus (un-holy mix).mp3
RISE OF THE FALLEN:Citizen Cain DVD (2004)
The fallen evolve in their personal inferno to realise that their all part of Cain's mind.3 videos for each unique remix are include on this DVD..
>Citizen Cain (Album version)
RISE OF THE FALLEN's Citizen Cain E.p (2004)
is now out and available via the Golem store. This record includes the three versions of Citizen Cain as well as an exclusive dancefloor remix called sin-biotik mix.
>Citizen Cain (sin-biotik mix)
RISE OF THE FALLEN's nest of ten t-shirts
are now available for men as well as baby tees for women. Visit the Golem store to purchase on line.