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:: 12/12/09 :: 

Nevermore, a night to die for...
Saturday January 16th 2010

With very special musical guest.

Starting december 10th
63 Mont-Royal East 514-844-0167

More info

:: 30/11/09 :: 

RISE OF THE FALLEN new video for Fade to grey

Watch the clip

:: 31/10/09 :: 

RISE OF THE FALLEN Performs live at Finnegans, MTL

:: 09/09/09 :: 

RISE OF THE FALLEN Performs live at Bar le Magog, Sherbrooke

:: 1/09/09 :: 
RISE OF THE FALLEN's music is featured during the Montreal Fetish Weekend
:: 15/08/09 :: 
RISE OF THE FALLEN's New track called BLISS..... Click for excerpt
:: 15/01/09 :: 
RISE OF THE FALLEN new website is launched
::28/10/08 :: 

RISE OF THE FALLEN are proud to announce that Edward Ka-spel will lend his voice to new songs, this news came out after Cain and him met in October...Stay tuned for more...

::15/10/08 :: 

Cain appears as guest vocalist on the new Oneiroid psychosis album.



:: 10/09/08 :: 

RISE OF THE FALLEN finished recordind a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Story of Isaac"

Story of Isaac.mp3

:: 07/08/08 :: 

RISE OF THE FALLEN New video for Hyena featuring International shock Dance/performing artist Danielle Hubbard

Watch the clip

:: 04/06/08 :: 

RISE OF THE FALLEN new video for Tachutonim

Watch the clip

:: 04/10/07 :: 

RISE OF THE FALLEN Bloodline is now available for download on I-TUNES. Click on link below


:: 20/09/07 :: 
RISE OF THE FALLEN Store updated
:: 05/08/07 :: 

Rise Of the fallen Crawlspace with Lars,Our Good friend Lars from Oneiroid Psychosis has lent his voice to the song Crawlspace, the song talks about a jealous entity trapped in a wall.


::20/07/07 :: 
Bloodline reviewed on www.industrializedmetal.tk
::20/07/07 :: 

Rise of the fallen covers David bowie, this unique rendition of the Bowie/Fripp era song "Scary monsters" appears exclusively on the website.

Scary monsters.mp3

::22/06/07 :: 

RISE OF THE FALLEN remixes HELALYN FLOWERS:This exclusive remix of "E-race generation" was chosen to appear on Helalyn's flowers Plaestik Ep released on Alfa-matrix

E-race generation(qelipotic mix).mp3

::22/06/07 :: 

Bloodline reviewed by darklife magazine UK

::18/05/07 :: 

NEST OF TEN Video:This unique vision of the song Nest of ten was translated into a conceptual video:

Watch the clip

::18/04/07 :: 

32 Paths of Wisdom Video: RISE OF THE FALLEN have just released a conceptual video for the song 32 paths of wisdom, partialy shot live at L'Olympia de Montreal.

Watch the clip

::05/03/07 :: 

RISE OF THE FALLEN 'S Fade to Grey:The idea was born from a challenge;to take a neo-romantic 80s song and reconstruct it bringing an a dark aggressive sound to the song:

Fade to Grey.mp3

:: 15/02/07 :: 

A new live photo gallery has been added click below to view

photo gallery 2007


:: 04/02/07 :: 

RISE OF THE FALLEN are currently shooting a conceptual video for the song nest of ten..stay tune for more......


:: 15/01/07 :: 

Bloodline E.p is now out in a limited edition version featuring 3 bonus tracks:Armilius (transfiguration), Bloodline(xenomorphic) and Succubus (un-holy remix by ADAM)


:: 10/01/07 ::

The video for the Bloodline track indiscipline has just been completed.

Watch the clip

:: 04/10/06 :: 

Cain spent 3 weeks in Italy and France to work on the mastering of the Bloodline E.p as well as exclusive remixes.......

:: 12/09/06 ::

Oneiroid psychosis have completed their remix of 32 paths of wisdom that will appear on the nest of ten album.Lars has reconstructed the song in his laboratory .......

Oneiroid psychosis website

32 paths of wisdom(op remix)


:: 15/08/06 ::

Check out Rise of the Fallen's Bloodline E.P, This Prelude to the nest of ten album.This record includes the rise of the fallen cover of Killing Joke's "Sun Goes Down" as well as the exclusive Adam remix of Succubus Release date : September 2006



:: 10/08/06 ::

Belgian multi talented electro artist infrabu5e has done a breathtaking remix of the song rapture that will appear on the nest of ten album..

rapture(infrabu5e remix).mp3

infrabu5e website


:: 02/07/06 ::

Our very dear friend and collaborator Jeez from fear section recording artist ADAM has finished a pounding remix of the song succubus that will appear on the bloodline e.p

succubus (un-holy mix).mp3

ADAM's website


:: 26/05/06 ::

We are very proud to announce that the track" 32 paths of wisdom" has been remixed by darkwave electro project THIRD REALM, this powerfull remix will appear on RISE OF THE FALLEN's Nest of ten album.

32 paths of wisdom (Third realm remix)

Third realm website


:: 05/05/06 ::

RISE OF THE FALLEN'S Citizen Cain videos as well as an original soundtrack will be presented in Montreal during Club sin's fetish fridays.This event will take place on Friday May 5th 2006 at Cabaret Cleo 1230 St-Laurent on the second floor.Fore more info:




:: 01/04/06 ::

RISE OF THE FALLEN have completed a very eclectic remix for world beat act Christine Atallah & the Bassalindos The song "Night of Secret"was reconstructed with dark athmospheric textures to unveil Christine's voice in a shroud of mystery.This remix will be released on the European single including the album version as well as the WESTERNDREAM remix.

N.O.S (Raziel reconstruction).mp3



:: 15/03/06 ::

For the 25th Anniversary of living legends Killing Joke, RISE OF THE FALLEN stepped in the studio to record a version of "Sun Goes Down" one of the more obscure Killing Joke tracks.The studio experience was one to remember.

Sun goes down.mp3



:: 18/01/06 ::

RISE OF THE FALLEN studio recording of the epic tracks : Diluvian and Rapture




:: 09/01/06 ::

For detailed backround and research on the Nephilim(fallen ones) please read this complete study written by P.Faith

The Nephilim


:: 18/11/05 ::

The Citizen Cain Dvd has received a great review by Darklife Magazine.To read the full review please visit their website:

Darklife Zine


:: 25/10/05 ::

We have the pleasure to announce that Italian techno- industrial Band ADAM will appear on the nest of ten album Jeez is working on a corrosive dance floor mix of Ensoph.

En soph (ADAM remix).mp3


:: 15/10/05 ::

International electro band DECODED FEEDBACK's exclusive remix of RISE OF THE FALLEN'S Crusade. Entitled Crusade(Deathrow mix) this version will appear on the Nest of Ten album.Click below for audio excerpt:

Crusade (Deathrow mix).mp3



:: 27/09/05 ::

New audio excerpts from the RISE OF THE FALLEN Nest of ten album have just been added.






:: 15/08/05 ::

8 RISE OF THE FALLEN wallpapers to download



:: 04/07/05 ::
We are very pleased to say that the recording sessions for the RISE OF THE FALLEN version of Hellsville went very well.We would like to thank Edward Ka-spel for lending his voice to this unique version of Hellsville.

Hellsville (audio excerpt)

Edward will also sing on the Nest of ten album tracks : Armilius Edom and Generation.

Legendary pink dots website


:: 18/06/05 ::
WESTERNDREAM has just finished remixing RISE OF THE FALLEN's Bloodline, to give us a pounding Goa-noise rendering of this powerfull Nest of Ten track.The reaction was immediate, and Golem Records has been receiving very positive feedback by international d.js and radio stations

Bloodline Remix (audio excerpt)


:: 09/06/05 ::

RISE OF THE FALLEN has just finished recording a Remake of Joy Division's Transmission

Transmission (audio excerpt)

:: 09/06/05 ::
New updated audio samples have been added in the music section
:: 04/05/05 ::
RISE OF THE FALLEN's Citizen Cain Has received great reviews in the new releases section of the German magazine Medienkonverter

Medienkonverter Website

:: 03/05/05 ::

RISE OF THE FALLEN's Citizen Cain Has been reviewed By Russian magazine Stigmata.

Stigmata Website

:: 05/08/05 ::

RISE OF THE FALLEN official myspace page is created



:: 05/02/05 ::

Golem Records is proud to launch the RISE OF THE FALLEN official website. Dont forget to visit the RISE OF THE FALLEN

official nest

:: 05/02/05 ::

Golem Records and DJ Hypnos are proud to announce the East European DVD release party of "Citizen Cain" DVD by canadian band Rise of the Fallen.The party will be in Silencio Bar (Bucharest, str. Bibescu Voda nr.20, zona Mitropolie - Piata Unirii, on 10 february 2005, at 8pm (Romania Time). Special guest Marius a.k.a. 665 from Discordless





:: 10/12/04 ::

RISE OF THE FALLEN's Citizen Cain E.p is now out and available via the Golem store. This record includes the three versions of Citizen Cain as well as an exclusive dancefloor remix called sin-biotik mix.Click below for audio sample:

Citizen Cain (sin-biotik mix)


:: 10/12/04 ::

Golem Records and Photographers Sirius and Michel P. de Courval are happy to share the echoes of the RISE OF THE FALLEN -Citizen Cain DVD North American release party at Club Saphire Montreal you can access the photo gallery from the golem records news page.

:: 8/12/04 ::

RISE OF THE FALLEN are currently in studio working on a unique remake of Legendary pink dots Hellsville stay tuned ......for an audio sample.


:: 12/04 ::

New audio samples have been upated in the music section.As we get closer to the realease of the nest of ten album, we share the evolution from the cocoon to the butterfly.


:: 10/04 ::

Golem Records is proud to present RISE OF THE FALLEN:Citizen Cain the DVD.Now available for purchase via the golem records online store. You can view samples of one of the 3 videos by clicking below (you will need windows media player 9):

Citizen Cain (Album version)
:: 08/04 ::

Rise of the fallen is curently remixing downcast for WESTERNDREAM'S upcoming album : Permutations